Should the cellophane wrap of the cigars be removed before placing cigars in the humidor?

Cellophane protects cigars from losing too much humidity during transport. Within the humidor, however, the plastic foil is rather counter-productive for the preservation of an optimum humidity level. If cigars are placed in the humidor with the cellophane the cellophane should be opened at the ends to ensure oxygen circulation. Whether the cellophane should be removed or not is also a question of taste. On one hand, removing the cellophane supports the desired aging process of the cigar and is the preferred option from an aesthetic point of view. On the other hand, keeping the cellophane wrap on will protect cigars against the mixing of flavors of different cigar tobaccos. Consequently, if no divider is available for the humidor and the mix of flavors is to be prevented, then storing cigars with cellophane in the humidor might be an option.

Premium cigars are frequently delivered in a Spanish cedar wrapping. Ultimately, it is here also a question of personal preference whether to leave on the cedar wrapping, which intensifies the cedar aroma of the cigars, or to remove the wrapping before placing the cigars in the humidor.

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