Cigar “marriage”

Cigars absorb aromas from their environment. They not only absorb the aroma of the humidor’s interior wood lining but also aromas from other cigars stored in the same humidor. Dividers are used in humidors to minimize this aromatic discoloration. However, in order to prevent any flavor transfer, the cigars have to be stored in different humidors or in cabinet humidors, where cigars can be stored within their original boxes.

Some aficionados, however, appreciate the mixture of the flavors of their favorite cigars and therefore intentionally store different cigar brands in one humidor for several months. In general, however, the storage of cigars of different strengths (in particular different countries of origin) should be avoided as well as possible.

The not very aesthetic storage of cigars in cellophane wrap or alternatively storing cigars in their original boxes in large cabinet humidors can likewise prevent this aromatic discoloration. The innovative divider system of the adorini deluxe humidor series permits an effective separation of numerous types of cigars and at the same time an efficient use of the storage space within the humidor.

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