Tobacco worm infestation (Lacioderma)

Tobacco worm infestation occurs above all if cigars are stored at excessively high temperatures. Cigars are infested by worms if small wormholes can be seen on the outer cigar leaves. During their two-month lifespan, the worms reach sizes of up to 5 mm. All infested cigars should be immediately removed from the humidor and carefully examined for indications of tobacco worm.

After segregating the infested cigars and cleaning the humidor, the remaining cigars may be placed safely back into the humidor. To completely ensure that no further larvae have survived inside the cigars, one might put the cigars into a freezer for a few days. However, close attention should be paid that the cigars are well protected from ambient aromas. After freezing, cigars must be defrosted gradually to prevent the tobacco leaves from cracking. Otherwise, cigars should never be stored in a freezer or refrigerator because of the overly low humidity levels!

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