Humidity is too high

If the humidity in the humidor is too high, one might do the following:

  • Ensure that the hygrometer was calibrated according to the salt solution method, that the humidifier was filled with a propylene glycol solution (when using sponge-based humidifiers) and that the inside of the humidor was sufficiently moistened before its first use.
  • Only for sponge-based humidifiers: If the propylene glycol solution has not been refilled for a few months then it might be time to refill the humidifier with the propylene glycol solution.

Deviations of a few percentages from the 70% mark should not be of major concern and one should also consider the explanations regarding the accuracy of humidity measurement (See hygrometer accuracy).

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One additional recommendation to “Humidity is too high”
  1. Adam says:

    IF HUMIDITY IS TOO LOW FIX and it is a constant problem and nothing works. Then try the following only after everything else has been tried!
    Season humidor with warm distilled water on a new sponge. After seasoning, put still wet sponge(but not dripping) on 2 cheap cigars that will be tossed later. Leave for 24 hrs. Then, re-season again same way, leave sponge again. Wait 24 hrs. and do again. After the third time leave the sponge there for 3 more days with the humidifier. After that, discard sponge and cigars. By this time, the pores in the wood would have absorbed enough moisture and stabilized the climate in the humidor. Sometimes the wood is so dry that even after seasoning it once, its not enough moisture to keep a humidity above 58%. This fixes that.