First step: Calibrating the hygrometer

After purchasing a humidor some simple preparatory steps need to be carried out prior to storing cigars in the humidor. Otherwise, the dry cedar wood lining will extract the humidity from the cigars. Adorini deluxe humidors contain the accurate adorini hair hygrometer and the adorini premium deluxe humidifier based on acryl polymers.

Please note that the calibration is not necessary if one has purchased the adorini hair hygrometer, which ships with the adorini deluxe humidors. The adorini hair hygrometer comes pre-calibrated and re-calibration may be necessary only in cases of strong shocks during transport.

There are two methods to calibrate an analog hygrometer:

  • The recommended and most accurate calibration method is to place the hygrometer together with a salt solution into a small plastic box. One should take a cup or spoon filled with salt and moisten it with a few drops of water. The salt should not dissolve, but merely be damp. Afterwards, place the hygrometer and the salt in a well-sealed plastic box and wait. After about 8 hours the humidity within the box should have reached a humidity of 75%. Then adjust the needle of the hygrometer with a screwdriver at the rear to indicate 75% humidity.
  • Alternatively, remove the hygrometer from the humidor, wrap the hygrometer in a thoroughly moistened cloth, wait about one hour and then adjust the hygrometer on the rear with a screwdriver to 96% rel. humidity.

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