Quality criteria of humidors

Recently, the average prices for humidors have dropped significantly. Many buyers are confused about the huge price differences that can be found in the market, especially when humidor models are frequently of similar appearance.

First of all, what functional characteristics does a humidor need to fulfill? Basically, a humidor must be able to maintain a constant humidity level of approximately 70% and should maintain even climate conditions within the different parts of the humidor interior.

This basic functionality of the humidor is determined by the following criteria:

  • Use of an adequate and effective humidification system. Active electronic humidification systems such as the adorini cigar heaven are the best option here. Among the passive humidifiers, polymer based humidifiers are preferred to sponge based models.
  • Interior lining of Spanish cedar which absorbs humidity well and ensures constant climate conditions. Apart from using the correct type of Spanish cedar wood, the thickness of the Spanish cedar is critical. Common Spanish cedar linings of only 1-2mm do not permit taking full advantage of the beneficial characteristics of the Spanish cedar.
  • Air circulation within the humidor. The construction of the humidor interior and the design of the tray elements should permit free air circulation to all areas of the humidor interior. Insufficient air circulation is a weakness of many humidors of all price levels.

In addition, the quality of a humidor is also determined by the following criteria:

  • Hinges should be durable and ensure a low-friction functioning for many years. In quality humidors only quadrant hinges are the preferred choice.
  • Use of an accurate hygrometer. Hygrometers based on a hair mechanism are preferred to those based on a metal spring mechanism.
  • Strength of the wooden humidor corpus. A strong humidor corpus improves the isolation of the humidor and forms an important part of a higher value construction.
  • Quality of lacquer application.

In the development of the adorini deluxe humidors the best solution for each of the aforementioned criteria was sought. Combining the most sophisticated components, high quality material and innovative constructional design, the adorini deluxe series sets quality standards in the construction of humidors and demonstrates that high quality humidors do not necessarily have to cost a fortune.

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