Glass or wooden lid

For the storage of cigars that are to be consumed within a few months, humidors with glass or wooden lids are equally suitable. However, if cigars are to age over several years in a humidor then humidors with wooden lids are definitely preferable. When using humidors with glass lids avoid exposing the humidor to direct sunlight. Longer storage times may cause discoloration in the first few rows of cigars.

On the other hand, glass-lid humidors have an advantage over wooden lid humidors in that they have to be opened less frequently and that they will be opened for shorter periods. Therefore, a more constant interior humidity can be maintained. This is particularly useful for humidors in restaurants, clubs, and hotels.

Glass doors on cabinet humidors do not have any negative impact on cigar storage, as long as cigars are stored in their original boxes. With respect to the placement of cabinet humidors, the glass door should never be exposed to direct sunlight.

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